Casting Day - English
March 23, 2024

Are you a seasoned English native voice actor,
or do you have a hidden talent waiting to be unleashed?

Let's find out!



Saturday, March 23, 2024


In a professional audio recording studio in Berlin Steglitz (postcode 12247)

(You’ll receive detailed info via e-mail after successful registration and admission.)

Whom we’re scouting 

You love films and series?

You can empathise and adapt acting like different characters on screen?

You’re native English or grew up bilingual with another native language beside English?

You’re a professional actor or actress or got talented acting skills?

Have you ever thought of becoming a voice talent for dubbing?

Take your chance and sign up now!

Sign up now

Sign up for our DubbingPlus Casting Day on March, 23, 2024 and get in front of the microphone in a professional recording studio in Berlin and let us hear your voice and acting skills. We will assess your skills, and with a little luck and training, your voice will soon be heard in the films and series of tomorrow. We have made it our mission to promote diversity and inclusion in the dubbing industry. We will support you in your entry into the industry.


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Limited number of places, so make your decision quickly.